Kids in College, Episode 16

In episode 16 of Kids in College, Jacob Douglas and I look back on our freshmen year by sharing our favorite stories and giving advice to future college students. Then, we talk about why we love our siblings and choose the best and worst books, TV shows, movies, and video games.

With our first year of college over, it feels like the first era of the show is over. Whether you have been with us since February or just joined us, thank you so much for listening!

Subscribe, follow, and rate us on SoundCloud, iTunes Podcasts, and Stitcher. Special thanks to Jonathan Ochocki for our logo design, and to Randy Gindler and Ian Teoh for our music. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @KidsCollegeShow and our e-mail is E-mail, tweet, or DM us any suggestions or questions. If you want to get Drew Lock, or frankly any other famous person, on the show, we would be okay with that too. New episodes post every Monday!


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