Music Mondays (5-8-17): White Reaper and OneRepublic

This is Music Mondays, a weekly list of music recommendations. I’ll run down the albums, artists, or songs that I’ve been listening to in the last week. Sometimes the recommendations will be dated, sometimes they will be new. Either way, music is great!

Hey folks, it’s finals week for me, so this week’s Music Monday is going to be a little shorter than usual.

White Reaper, “The World’s Best American Band

White Reaper’s sophomore full-length album, “The World’s Best American Band”, may be the most fun album I’ve listened to all year.

2017’s music has been dominated thus far by anger and apocalypse-is-nigh attitudes. While there is reason for it, the music scene has been lacking in some high quality, high energy greatness.

And White Reaper’s newest album is just that. It’s so good that it kept me from listening to Logic’s new album.

White Reaper hails from Louisville, Kentucky, and they are labeled as a garage punk band. But not in the edgy, emo way that I grew up with, but more in the sugar-coated rock and roll way (or power pop, which is a term I just learned).

With its distorted vocals and guitars, this album will be perfect for driving fast on the highway, while the windows are down and the speakers are loud. Lead vocalist Tony Esposito could stand his own with Cheap Trick, the percussion would fit into a Ramones record, and the guitar licks would undoubtedly rock a stadium.

“Eagle Beach” boasts the best guitar solo (and all-around guitar lead) on the album. “The Stack” displays the band’s Cheap Trick vocal tendencies, while “Party Next Door” could be Kiss’ “Rock and Roll All Nite” for a new generation.

White Reaper is clearly an iteration of rock bands that have come before, but the band still manages to make a sound for itself and makes a pretty convincing case for being “The World’s Best American Band.” Music could use that right now.

OneRepublic, “No Vacancy

After a new album that released only last October, OneRepublic is back already with new single “No Vacancy”, and it’s just in time for summertime radio.

Backed by digital drums and synth, Ryan Tedder’s falsetto is shown at full force on the track.

The single certainly does not hail back to the band’s more organic sound (a la “Waking Up”), but it reminds me of the pop and radio-friendly “Native”, which I listened to on repeat during my freshmen year of high school.

Overall, I’m a fan of the song. The song’s rhythm and guitar/synth choices give the song a tropical feel, and the song is very catchy. While the lyrics are nothing to write home about, Ryan Tedder manages to sell them. His voice is always a welcome inclusion to today’s pop music, and I hope to hear this song on the radio soon.


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