Kids in College, Episode 2

In the second episode of “Kids in College,” Jacob Douglas and I are joined by our good friend Cameron Flatt to chat about one of our favorites things: movies. We pitch movie ideas that range from great to bad, talk about our guilty pleasure flicks, and even answer a listener question about pretzels.

Special thanks to my friend Jonathan Ochocki for our awesome logo design. The original title of the show was “Dumpster Fire” because our lives are works in progress. After choosing the title “Kids in College,” we still wanted a logo design that expressed our “do it yourself, but you might catch on fire” attitude.

Thank you so much for listening to the show. We reached over 200 listens on episode 1, and that is all because of your support! We now have an official SoundCloud account, and with it, we are close to getting on the iTunes Podcast service! The first episode can be found on this account if you missed it! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @KidsCollegeShow and our e-mail is E-mail, tweet, or DM us any suggestions or questions. New episodes post every Monday!


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