Introducing the “Kids in College” Podcast

Welcome to the very first episode of “Kids in College.” This is a very special passion project between myself, Sam Mosher, and my very good friend Jacob Douglas. In our first episode, we discuss the origin of our friendship, boneless wings, the Food Network, and finding professors on Tinder.

This is our first podcast, so we are still in the process of learning and figuring details out. In the spirit of pilot episodes, some things will change in the weeks ahead (or other things will change right now). For instance, during the episode, we call the show “Just Some Kids in College.” We have changed the name to “Kids in College” because it is shorter and still retains the idea that we are children in larger, almost-adult bodies. We are also in the process of getting the show on iTunes, acquiring intro and outro music, and making a logo.

But for now, please enjoy! Thank you so much for listening and supporting us. You can follow the show on Twitter @KidsCollegeShow and our e-mail is E-mail, tweet, or DM us any suggestions or questions. New episodes will be released every Monday!


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