Kids in College, Ep. 77: It’s Time for School

Summer is winding down and we are ready to go back to school. This week, hosts Jacob Douglas and I share college advice, move-in stories and sweet dorm memories as we prepare to return to Mizzou. Other topics include spider bites, sports-related injuries and the infamous Gaddafi trend of middle school. Subscribe, follow and rate us […]

Kids in College, Ep. 72: Jurassic World 2 and Drake’s Scorpion

I love dinosaurs. Jacob loves Drake. What do we think of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Drake’s Scorpion? Listen to this week’s episode to find out as we discuss JW: FK (20:45), spoilers for the film (33:05-47:45), our daily routines and Drake’s newest album (52:50). Other topics include farming, buying cars and cooking. Subscribe, follow […]